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What is UNIKAT?

We are an independent video games publisher and label that supports works of quality, independent thought, and unique perspectives. Created by people behind 32-33, we marketed and helped publish some of the biggest independent and AA/AAA titles around. We see that a shift in creativity is coming, and along with it a change in how business is being made and conducted. We feel that the established gaming industry is struggling with this shift. We want to spark that change into a fire. 

What we offer to developers: Promotional, publishing, and business development services with simple and custom-fit contracts. No 70/30 splits in the publisher's favour, crazy recoups, one-size-fits-all approach, and over-inflated prices for in-house services. If we're in this, we're in this together. The old ways of doing business are dying.


It's 2024. Here's to new ways of working with each other. 

Rules of UNIKAT

  1. Each game and dev is unique.
    Don't do cookie-cutter marketing, publishing or sales. We're not a factory. Mass-produced style of work does not belong here.

  2. Only work with people who adhere to our values.
    Full respect, no ego. We are here to help each other. 


  3. Don't bite more than you can chew.
    We take a limited amount of games and projects. This is a place where we hone our craft, not a publishing conveyor belt. 


  4. Be genre and medium agnostic.
    Choose projects that fit our ethos. We are what we eat, and we feast on creativity and unique perspectives.


  5. Try, try, and try again.
    Most of the time, if we try and it doesn't work, we're in the same spot as we are in now. And if it does work, who knows what crazy shit might happen.


  6. Dream big. Aim high.
    Even the smallest game can have a big idea. Otherwise, what's the point?


  7. Have fun.
    After all, life is short. We will all be dead one day. Try, give it all, and celebrate. But never stress and never begrudge.


  8. Whatever we do, never stoop to the establishment.
    How can you push and innovate if you're like everybody else...   

Questions? Contact us.

If you are a developer looking to collaborate, a fan, or a member of the press, reach us via the form to your right. 

We're always keen to hear you out. 

You can also follow us on socials:

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The UNIKAT Label logo is created by Dorota Halicka.

Thank you Dorota <3.

Thanks for submitting. We'll get back to you shortly.

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